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Billboard concept/design  
Item ID#: GRS015
Price: $1995.00

Business card layout  
Item ID#: GRS008
Price as low as $59.00

Item ID#: GRS020
Price: $99.32

Company Brochures/Post cards/Folders/ posters  
Item ID#: GRS012
Price: $696.32

Custom Design T-shirt Logo extremely detailed  
Item ID#: GRS006
Price: $595.00

Custom Graphic Design Tri-fold Brochures  
Item ID#: GRS014
Price: $495.00

Custom Graphic Design: Brochures Inserts  
Item ID#: GRS013
Price: $269.00

Custom hand drawn art, text and effects  
Item ID#: GRS007
Price as low as $395.00

Custom Sign Layout Design  
Item ID#: GRS009
Price: $149.00

Design CD / DVD Covers & Inserts  
Item ID#: GRS017
Price: $696.32

Design Custom Forms -- Up to 8.5" x 14", Full Color  
Item ID#: GRS029
Price: $175.00

Direct mail layout  
Item ID#: GRS011
Price as low as $326.32

Graphic Design: T-shirt Logo  
Item ID#: GRS005
Price: $295.00

Graphic Design: T-shirt Logo 4 hours of work  
Item ID#: GRS036
Price: $295.00

Graphic Design: T-shirt Logo 5 hours of work  
Item ID#: GRS037
Price: $450.00

Graphic Designed: Detailed Business Logo  
Item ID#: GRS002
Price: $751.32

Graphic Designed: Simple Business Logo  
Item ID#: GRS001
Price: $275.00

Hang tags  
Item ID#: GRS021
Price: $126.32

Item ID#: GRS019
Price: $96.32

Invoices, packing slips, statements  
Item ID#: GRS018
Price: $126.32

Labels 2 color  
Item ID#: GRS026
Price: $115.00

Labels full color  
Item ID#: GRS025
Price: $146.32

New Corporate Identity Package  
Item ID#: GRS003
Price: $1496.32

Stationery layout/design  
Item ID#: GRS010
Price as low as $79.00

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